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Woodland Foods 687080004564
004564 lbs Whole Ancho Chiles
The AnchChile is a dried version of the poblanpepper. Sweet and full-flavored, these chiles provide mild tmedium heat with an earthy, mildly fruity flavor with hints of coffee and a...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 004564
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080004564
Woodland Foods 687080008784
008784 1 lbs Mulato Chiles
FeaturesThe mulato chile is a large, flat and wrinkled pepper with a sweet and smoky flavor and medium heatIt is one of the "holy trinity" peppers of the ...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 008784
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080008784
Woodland Foods 687080050288
050288 10 lbs Purple Corn Box
Purple Corn is a variety of extra-large kernel corn grown in the Andes region of South America. The eye-catching deep purple kernels are chewier, starchier and less sweet than ...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 050288
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080050288
Woodland Foods 687080004809
004809 lbs Whole New Mexico Hatch Chiles
Grown in the famed Hatch Valley of New Mexico, New MexicHatch Chiles are celebrated for their unique, complex flavor and mild heat. Their long, thin-fleshed pods have an earthy...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 004809
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080004809
Woodland Foods 687080327137
327137 10 lbs Pale Jade Green Bamboo Rice
Gourmet food is a term commonly associated with cuisine of high quality or presentation. Indulge your taste buds with some luxurious gourmet food. Our products are of exceptional quality&#...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 327137
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080327137
Woodland Foods 687080006384
006384 iced Shiitake Mushrooms
Indulge your taste buds with some luxurious grocery items. Our products are of exceptional quality, prepared accurately and skillfully using careful and artistic presentation. Get ...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 006384
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080006384
Woodland Foods 687080139938
139938 5 lbs Golden Medium-Brown Diced Dates
FeaturesMade from the deglet variety, which has a firm, moist, chewy texture when dried, and a subtle, sweet flavorCut into 1/4-inch pieces...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 139938
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080139938
Woodland Foods 687080040807
40807 10 lbs Organic Cannellini Beans
FeaturesOrganic cannellini beans are white kidney beans with a mild, nutty flavor and smooth, tender textureThey are extremely popular in italian cuisineAlso ...
Vendor: Woodland Foods
MPN: 040807
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 687080040807
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