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HS 4550 Stud Welding Starter Kit Plus
Never drop a stud again with Stud Ease Technology!Stud Ease - Technology* holds stud in welder for easy out-of position welding and is exclusive to UNI-SPOTTER Stud WeldersIncrease accuracy when ...
Vendor: H & S Autoshot
MPN: HS4550
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 842005030749
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HS DK1000 Dent Killer Attachment for Uni-Spotter Stud Welders
Upgrades any Uni-Spotter Stud Welder to a Studless Lever Action Dent PullerQuick and easy to use.How it works: The DK1000 is welded to the panel surface using your Uni-Spotter Stud Welder...
Vendor: H & S Autoshot
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 842005030008
H & S Autoshot
H & S Auto Shot HSA2006 M6 Pulling Tabs - Pack of 10
We are dedicated to give everyone the very best houseware products for all home needs, with a focus on dependability, our client satisfaction and great quality. We provide high-...
Vendor: H & S Autoshot
MPN: HSA2006
H & S Autoshot 842005000070
HS 1001 Welding Studs-- 2.2mm- 500 Pk.
Replacement Studs 2.2mm...500 lbs...
Vendor: H & S Autoshot
MPN: HS1001
GTIN (UPC)/EAN: 842005000070
H & S Autoshot
H & S Auto Shot HSA9802 Multifunction Steel & Aluminum Stud Welder
Professional Dual pulling system for aluminum and steel panels with premium output power and digital control for ease of use and quick repairs. Insert ALUMINUM or STEEL torch, select ...
Vendor: H & S Autoshot
MPN: HSA9802
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